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    Magnus Ace Cobain

    Then, at home that evening having a bit of fun with Chris’s parents Sharlene flipped opened one of the baby name books, and declared their search over: Their son would be named Ace.

    “We were joking around, calling him Ace before he was born,” says Chris. “Then it started to feel natural.”

    “Everyone was calling him Ace all of Sharlene’s friends and family. People were sending us ideas. Ace Bailey used to play for the Leafs; a guy I used to work for said his grandpa’s name was Ace,
    places that sell cards against humanity, short for Horace.”

    It wasn’t quite right for a first name,
    cards againt humanity?, though, so they kept looking. They’d come up with eight possibilities, but only agreed on one: Magnus.

    When the baby arrived, however, “we lost our nerve,” says Chris,
    cards humanity, explaining that while strong and unusual, they felt Magnus was still “quite the handle.”

    “We went online and through the books, again,” he adds. “I think it was basically to confirm that we weren’t missing anything. Nothing even came close.”

    When they discovered its meanings including number one, great one, the best they also found out Magnus is a name that appears is different forms in several languages.

    After all that,
    stores that sell cards against humanity, “it wasn’t that odd,” Chris says.

    Magnus Ace Cobain was born April 7 at Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital, weighing 6 lbs. 12 oz. His name was formally bestowed four days after his parents brought him home.

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